MTL Projects Ltd. is an Engineering and CQV company working primarily in UK and Ireland.

  • We specialise in sterilisation, depyrogenation, thermal system monitoring, hydrogen peroxide systems and steam quality testing.
  • Our engineers and validation technicians are involved in protocol development, execution and reporting.
  • Our test equipment for thermal, CO2, humidity monitoring is all UKAS traceable.
  • We offer mobile incubation services for BI qualification of sterilisation processes.
  • We pride ourselves in understanding your requirements, solving your problems, meeting your schedules and delivering the highest quality packages of work.

MTL Projects Ltd are also the UK and Ireland agent for the supply, qualification and maintenance of De Lama products. De Lama S.p.A. have been based in Pavia, Italy since 1949 and manufacture a range of sterilisation and decontamination equipment including:-

  • Steam sterilisers
  • Air steam mixture autoclaves
  • Water spray autoclaves
  • ETO sterilisers
  • Vacuum hydrogen peroxide sterilisers
  • Dry heat ovens for sterilisation and depyrogenation
  • Combination washer / sterilisers and decontamination / sterilisation units
  • Steam generators

MTL Projects was born out of Mark Thompson Lifesciences Ltd which is a consultancy and training organisation employing a number of associate consultants / SME’s to deliver high level support to the industry – for more information CLICK HERE. The two companies work closely together meaning that high level SME support is available throughout.

  • Qualification of laboratory / biotech equipment
    • Fridges / freezers / incubators
    • Thermal / CO2 / humidity / speed
  • Sterilisation and depyrogenation processes
  • Vacuum hydrogen peroxide sterilisation
  • VPHP decontamination
  • Steam quality testing