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In addition to the standard equipment described here and on the De Lama website, we pride ourselves in problem solving which can include:

  • Combination equipment
  • Linking equipment directly to isolator technology
  • Installation challenges.

De Lama are one of the oldest autoclave manufacturers in the world. Based in Pavia, Italy they have continually innovated since 1949.

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De Lama continue to innovate and invest in the latest technology, 3D modelling, 3D layouts, isolator coupling technology etc.

The De Lama range of sterilisation, depyrogenation, decontamination and washing solutions are tailored to the highest quality demands of the life science industries.

Specific requirements of the UK and Ireland Inspectorates (MHRA and HPRA) have been adopted to ensure equipment delivery that exceeds the performance levels set out in standards and meets the requirements of the regulators.


Sterilisation systems incorporating steam, steam/air, superheated water, ETO and vacuum hydrogen peroxide autoclaves.

This diverse autoclave technology can be tailored to your specific requirements and combined to deliver sterilisation and decontamination combination units, for either space saving or linking to isolator units and using the same linked device for decontamination, washing and sterilisation as required.

A Porous Load Autoclave designed for the unique regulatory requirements of the HPRA and MHRA


Dry heat sterilisation and depyrogenation batch ovens up to ISO 5 non viable controls.

Washer Disinfectors

Modelling and development of the washing cycle and the equipment loading trolley to ensure maximum coverage for equipment washing.

3D modelling of loads and washing performance.

Pass Box for Decontamination

Bioburden control moving between classifications. This pass box technology can be installed without any HVAC modifications.


Hot air dryers and vacuum dryers for a range of powders and grains including vacuum drying for heat sensitive applications.

Steam Generators

Steam heated or electrically heated clean and pure steam generators that can be built into the autoclave design or stand alone larger units for steam distribution systems.

Isolator Interface Technology: Magnetodoor®

Patented technology for magnetically driven door enables hygienic interface to isolators.

The autoclave door magnetically driven allows full cleaning/disinfection access as well as VHP decontamination when sealed to isolator.