De Lama; Process and Sterilisation Equipment for Ireland and UK Market

Established in Pavia, Italy in 1949, De Lama has a 70 year reputation for innovation and high quality manufacture, I have seen this around the world but not in Ireland or UK. That is changing today; our sister company MTL Projects Ltd has signed a deal to be exclusive agents for the supply, qualification and support for De Lama Equipment in Ireland and UK. MTL Projects Ltd has the Engineering and CQV capabilities already employed in the qualification of thermal processes, sterilisation and depyrogenation systems. This resource will also supply and support De Lama equipment in UK and Ireland.

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Over the last few weeks we have worked together to ensure a mutual understanding of the Irish and UK markets as well as the regulatory (HPRA and MHRA) requirements. MTL Projects Ltd already have the engineering, CQV resources and expertise to support such equipment. They are now starting a training programme to ensure full support capability for De Lama equipment from Dec 2019 onwards.

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This new partnership will mean we can offer equipment that exceeds performance requirements in the following areas:-


The MTL Projects Ltd website is being rebuilt to add the De Lama equipment detail to the current scope of CQV services offered by MTL Projects. Further details will be published regarding the unique performance offerings for the UK and Irish Markets.

For further details now on De Lama Pharmaceutical Equipment CLICK HERE